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Insider of the Month: July 2016

​Our Insider of the Month for July 2016 is this stunning lady – Mpho Mashiane (PopsieZA). Although Mpho is new to the BB community, she has quickly become part of the community and has made her mark as a BB reviewer. We caught up with Mpho and got to know her a little better: 

1. What do you do when you are not on BB? 

I am a Data Analyst for a number of short term insurance brands. When I get the time, I try to do posts for my blog too. 

2. When did you join BB? 

I think I joined BB community in November 2015. It feels like I have been a part of BB for years though. 

3. What attracted you to joining the community? 

I stumbled on a blog post on Wooden-mirror. I think the post was about how to afford some of your favourite beauty products while you're on a budget. She mentioned that reviewing products gives you access to some products and one wouldn't need to spend much money. She also had a link to BB so I didn't waste any time. I signed up as soon as I was done reading the blog post. I was impressed by the sense of community and the support from fellow BB's. It felt like home, even though we're all cities apart. 

4. What are your three 'Holy Grail' products that you just can't live without? 

1. Water: Tap water or Bottled. I believe it is vital for my whole body to look its best. I end up with great skin and hair as a result. 2. Lipstick: Sheer or Matte. Bold or Nude colours. I love all my lipsticks equally and cannot do without them. 3. Eyebrow pencil – I really believe that eyebrows are the window to the soul. In the words of Lena Dunham "Don't let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you (sh*t) about life". 

5. What's the best beauty tip you ever learned? 

What you put in your body, you wear on the outside. I don't know who said this, but I have come to understand it well in the last couple of years. Since then, I do my best to take care internally so that the outside is not too much work. 

6. What does beauty mean to you? 

Embracing your imperfections and being able to wear/rock them with confidence is beautiful to me. When I meet someone who has accepted herself and knows that she is enough and does not have to prove anything to anyone, I cannot help but find someone like that beautiful.

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