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In the Hope of change :)

In the Hope of change :)

I have always struggled with pigmentation problems and dark spots on my face.  I bruise easily and when I get any marks, they just seem to stay no matter what I do or try.  

I know this is a known problem and many people struggle with it no matter what your age.  I have tried a lot of products, from natural remedies, home remedies to salon products and big advertised products that maybe had an effect, but seemed to discontinue working for whatsoever reason.

A lot of people referred me to peeling which I researched and found they do have good results if you use the same product afterwards till forever.  But I am not that much of a risk taker and will want to know if it will work for me beforehand, not afterwards having a product I don't like, that doesn't work, etc.  

That is why I want to try another product.  The Clarins Bright Plus Range!  

I have received my Clarins Bright Plus Intensive Brightening Smoothing Serum, Brightening Hydrating Day Lotion SPF20 and Brightening Repairing Night Cream just now and I am too excited to start using it!!

I have heard and read so many positive reviews on these products and really wish that this is the answer to my problems.  Every problem should have an answer right?  Or else all Mathematicians would have been mad!

Starting today the transformation begins (Hopefully).  From pigmented, spotty skin to smooth doll face!!

Will keep updating and reviewing the products as the weeks pass :)



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