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If you're insecure about your Vagina(labia) read this!

​So I have been very insecure about my vagina/labia ever since I was 15 which to be honest I'm still sometimes insecure about it but I have  realized not every vagina is perfect like the stunning women in porn or your bffs! there is so many different types you can even look them up online (search LABIALIBARY) and many pictures will come up showing that there are just so may different types, I am Mrs curtain meaning my labia sticks out of my vagina a little bit but not significantly for me anyways  ,I  was given it and I'm  only now beginning to love myself so there you have it you are enough and you don't need any surgery to change your wonderful vagina and don't let anyone tell you different!

writing about this topic is it is not spoken about more often 

sending positive energy your way!


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