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I make my own Kohl eyeline, you can too

I make my own Kohl eyeline, you can too

So this is my first blog and I am sooo excited to share this secret, well, not so much a secret anymore, with you guys.

I make my own Kohl eyeliner and honestly nothing I have bought from any beauty brand compares.
It is very simple and costs virtually nothing, it lasts forever and its the one thing I cannot live without.

My granny (she is awesome) taught me how so try it out and I am sure you will be converted.

You will need:

*A clay lamp

*2 to 3 tbs Castor Oil or Ghee (clarified butter)

*Cotton wool

*A large spoon




1. Take a piece of cotton wool and rub between palms until it forms a wick.

2. Put the wick into the clay lamp and put the oil or ghee into the clay lamp covering the wick. Make sure the lighting end sticks up and is covered thoroughly with the oil or ghee.

3. Light the wick and place the spoon directly over the flame and make sure it is balanced and does not fall and kill the flame, so the soot catches onto the spoon.
I generally leave it to go until the wick is burnt out completely.

To make the mixture:

Collect the soot from the spoon into a little container (I call mine a pot).

Add a drop of castor oil and use a cotton bud to mix it into a paste. If it is still powdery add a little more oil.

This part has to be done by eye. It is ready when it is all wet and pasty.

To apply use the cotton bud like you would an eye pencil.

Happy lining ladies!!!


PS. Tell me how it works for you!


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