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My NHJ: The day I used the wrong hair dye

"I have no clue why I changed to being natural"

The craze of natural hair and becoming natural has found its way to South African shores. This has influenced many young females to begin their journey to either transitioning or becoming a natural hair queen. It has probably crossed my mind once when I was younger why my mother had to apply a creme to my hair every 3 months and when she didn't my hair wouldn't tolerate a comb. I decided to go natural all because of one product. RENEW HAIR DYE.

It was in December of 2016, everyone had rad colours on their heads. From purple to orange, from lime green to navy blue and this was all because of the new Renew dye range. Then I decided, "I want Grey/ Ice Blonde hair".

I bought a box of Renew and I was well equipped. I only allow my sister to dye my hair and this is thoroughly based on trust. One evening, we set out to start the process.

Step 1: Pre-Lightening kit 

It was thick and stinky!! I didn't mind at  the time because I had been relaxing my hair. It smelt terrible, like a strong dose of Handy Andy. The packaging said "leave on for 35 minutes". The minute my sister started applying it, my scalp experienced a tingling sensation, once it was layed on my head.....CALL THE FIRE-BRIGADE!!GET SOME WATER!!!! HELP ME. PLEASE!!!

Your girl's hair and head was on fire. That's me. I am your girl. That lightening kit burnt my head to the point that if you physically touched my head, the heat could penetrate the gloves. And then the real games began. THERE WAS SMOKE ON THE TOP OF MY HEAD. SMOKE!!!! Not anything ridiculous-SMOKE!! When I saw that I immediately instructed my sister to rinse it off...

But you know me. I AM FOR-WARD. I'm looking in the mirror, my hair was yellow, my hairline still screaming from the brutality it just faced, then I said "lets apply the colour" this is entirely because I like things which clearly do not like me!

My sister placed the colour on my head and it had some sort of cooling feeling on my scalp. When it was rinsed off, all it did was remove a bit of the yellowness from my hair.

That was it, my hair was a white crispy blonde, I felt and looked like M O N E Y. 

Little did I know, that this would take a wrong turn, even though my scalp needed some fire extinguishing-, I really didn't expect this to take a wrong turn on me.

stay tuned. see you soon. Remember, stay bold, stay berry and stay beautiful ;)

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