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I'm Kiehl'ed Over!

I'm Kiehl'ed Over!

We're in the third week of the Kiehl's #ChangeYourSkin Challenge, which means it's time to update you on my Week 2 results!

Let me start by confessing: I have never been good at keeping a skin regimen. I just get very lazy, very quickly and then all the best intentions are in the bin (along with my expired products because I didn't use it...) I always think, "Oooh, this anti-aging cream has been getting great reviews, it's sure to work". So then I buy it, and start full steam ahead, and a couple of days later as I get in bed, I realise the tube or jar or pot or whatever is waaaaaayyy over there, and I'm just like..."Nah."

So since this is a way serious review, I knew I had to keep it up. I put my three Kiehl's serums right on my bedside table, ready to be applied as I get in bed after my shower. I'm getting into the routine of it now, and I feel a bit like a mad scientist or apothecarist with my beautiful phials of mysterious liquids!

As I've previously told you, the serums don't really have a distinctive scent at all, but every night as I lay my head down next to my man, he gets this foggy look, inhales, and says 'Hmmm, you smell good". Every night. If not for anything else, I would keep using it for that reason. ;)

Now, for the results:

This week I feel like my dark circles have not changed from the week before, but I do feel like my skin tone has been evening out all over. My skin feels more supple, smoother, healthier.

At closer inspection, it looks like my crows feet and the wrinkles underneath my eyes have been getting less noticeable. My skin feels plumped up. This is great!

My skin feels like it's on the road to recovery. So far, so good!


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