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I love my "oily" skin !!!

I love my "oily" skin !!!

Since forever we have been sold the idea that "oily" skin is bad and must be gotten rid of at allcosts !! They even made a cream with with these intentions "vanishing" cream... Make it disappear... and since the age of 15 I have been trying to get  my oily skin to vanish ! Moisturiser we were led to believe was the enemy of oily skin and must be avoided at all costs ! 

I started using a brand whose tag line was "for a shine free complexion over time" . Well in their defence they never said how much time , but would 15 years be conidered enough time for their promise to work ? Needless to say it didnt work and I used their products every day and when they range expanded I used all their products they said were suited for my skin in hope of this shine-free complexion. Boy am I glad they never worked !!! Here's why ...

At the age of 30 I finally listened to my mom , who was by then in her 60's still doing the 3 steps!! I started cleansing,toning and moistourising twice a day. And the diffrence in my skin showed the very next day !!! In 2 weeks time there was a smoothness and clearness to my skin that never existed before not even when I was younger !!! And the "shine" that I was led to believe was bad ....turned into this beautiful glow !! I have never used vanishing cream since that day !! Dark skinned sisters like me where told to always banish the shine with "vanish" ...No more vanish for me ... I GLOW GLOW GLOW with this radiant skin that turns heads..

I am 37years old now yet I pass for 28 and not because I want to look younger - I embrace my age and do not hide it- But people insisit I am younger because of my radiant skin !! 

I guess what I am trying to say to dark skin woman like me who have/believe they have a oily skinny that must be vanished ... STOP !! Throw that vanishing cream away , you wont be sorry...Then invest in a cleanser,toner  & moisturiser -YES MOISTURISER-  and watch you skin come to life !! And its not as expensive as you think believe me I am on a super tight budget but there are so many brands out there that offer quality products at cost effective prices that you have no excuse not to !

Love your skin ladies ... cos Botox is neither cheap and honestly doesnt look good at all !! 

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