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I don't miss my Lipgloss #OutOfMyComfortZone

I don't miss my Lipgloss #OutOfMyComfortZone tres.

I managed to make fire last night with husks from my coconuts and dry twigs.  I didn't even break a nail, Beauties!

I slept soundly in a snug-as-a-bug dug-out sand bed.  So comfy, Beauties.

Today on my To-Do-List is making a shelter.  I have seen some dodgy looking clouds roll in and would hate to get caught in a tropical storm with no shelter.

Sunscreen bottle holding up - 55.98% capacity.

No washing to do, no ironing, no dishes or scrubbing pots, no cooking and cleaning or picking up doggie poop.

Heaven on earth!

And I don't even miss my Clarins lipgloss....


I don't miss my Nail File #OutOfYourComfortZone
Challenge 1: #OutOfYourComfortZone

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