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I do miss my Nivea Anti-Aging Serum #OutofYourComfortZone

I do miss my Nivea Anti-Aging Serum #OutofYourComfortZone

Well, no one noticed my SOS sign on the beach!  Humph!

So I've taken matters into my own hands and made a dug-out canoe to get home.

I told you Beauties I was resourceful.

My handy work is not too shabby either, if I dare say so myself.

Well, I just have to carve the oars and I'll be on my merry little way home to civilization.

I do miss my Nivea Cellular Anti-Aging Serum so I'm gonna paddle myself home before I start to look to weathered!

Sunscreen bottle almost done - 19.6% capacity.  So definitely time to head home.

Cherio Beauties.  It's been a riot.

Have an awesome weekend.



FACTORY STORE shopping at its best.
I don't miss my Nail File #OutOfYourComfortZone

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