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How to Master the Art of Microblading

The beauty industry is the one always developing, making, and improving new techniques and products. The latest craze is in the field of permanent makeup, and the most popular treatments are those for eyebrows.

There are different techniques for creating permanent, but natural-looking eyebrows that completely transform a person's look. The most often requested treatment is microblading. It is so popular that it has become one of the most lucrative careers at the moment.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment that includes tattooing eyebrows, but not in the same way they used to be done in the best. Microblading uses a manual tool that creates small incisions which are filled with pigment, unlike traditional tattoos that are done with ink.

The result of microblading are natural-looking eyebrows with hair strokes, that look just like your own brows, but are enhanced, shaped better to compliment a person's face. Being semi-permanent means that it lasts 1.5-2 years after which the pigment is fading.

How To Become a Microblading Artist?

Becoming a Microblading Artist does not require years of education, but you need to complete a course and get a license. So here are the steps you need to take:


In order to become a certified microblading artist, you will need to complete a reputable, certification course, such as PhiBrows Canada. These courses are live workshops during which you will learn all about the technique. It covers the theoretical and practical part, and a good course should give you the chance to work on a live model, which PhiBrows Canada training does.

The live part of the course usually lasts 2-3 days, and after that, you continue to learn more online and practice on your own, until you get certified. The courses give you up to 6 months to earn your certificate, but you can do much sooner if you work hard.

Mastering the Skill

Before you decide to start taking clients, you need to master the skill and feel confident to work with real people. This is one of the hardest parts - microblading requires a lot of dedication and hard work.

Most people practice doing hair strokes on paper, latex, and even pig skin. And it really takes a lot of time to master mapping and drawing perfect hair strokes. So, practice whenever you can. Also, it is good to join a support group for microblading artists and students on Facebook. There you can find a lot of useful tips and they will even give constructive feedback on your work.

Getting a License

Before you decide to work on real people, you need to become a licensed microblading artist. Most countries in the USA require you to get a tattoo license in order to practice microblading.

The best thing to get informed about licensing requirements for your area is to contact the local health department.

Getting your First Clients

Getting the first clients is not easy, so here is what you can do:

  • Ask your friends or family to be your models, if they trust you enough. Remember, you need to be confident and ready to work. Don't start unless you are 100% sure of yourself. Take good before and after pictures for your portfolio.
  • You can do a couple of treatments for free, for models. They will help you build your portfolio, grow your Instagram page and if you do the job well, they will recommend you to their friends and you will get the first real clients. The word of mouth is the best form of advertisement.
  • Give some special discount or a referral program to your first clients. Don't set the prices too low, because they may think you are inexperienced.
  • Advertise a lot, and the best form is to work on your Instagram page. Learn how to make great photos.

Always Learn and Improve

Once you start getting new customers, don't stop learning and practicing. Read and follow all the news related to microblading, get informed about the latest trends, try new pigments, new tools, invest in your knowledge and better materials.

Watch what other famous, fully booked microblading artists do and follow their examples, the way they advertise, take photos, communicate with their clients. Make sure your clients' satisfaction is of the utmost importance and give your best.

Is Microblading a Good Business?

Yes, it definitely is. It is a chance for you to change your career and do something really interesting, creative that also pays well. If you become good, you can earn a 6 figures income. But it won't come overnight - months and even years of hard work and dedication and constant improvement are needed to be a successful microblading artist. So don't give up if it is slow at the beginning.


Bear in mind that beginnings are hard, no matter which career you decide for, but hard work and commitment always pay off. 

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