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How to make your eyelashes longer and make your eyes stand out

How to make your eyelashes longer and make your eyes stand out


Every girl wants lashes that are fluttery, flirty and never-ending. Naturally I have long and thick lashes – in school I was asked why I wear mascara everyday ( considered silly at an all-girls school ) and recently I have been asked where I get my extensions done as they look ‘ not OTT like most salons make them look’.  Instead of my usual ‘ they are my natural lashes’ response I thought I would do a lil research to find out how to improve one’s eyelashes and give advice rather than my ‘ I don’t do anything response’ and the annoyed I don’t believe you look I get back ( my brothers previous girlfriend told his friends that I was obviously lying and used serum over a long period or used individual fake lashes – she was a twit but thankfully she is long gone ).


Ok, so you are craving commercial-worthy lashes and longer eyelashes that add that extra dose of pretty to your face, can open up your eye area and can even make your eyes look bigger. What is that saying?’ eyes are the windows to the soul and eyelashes are the pretty curtains that frame them’.


Mascara you magical wand you

While mascara is our favourite (and most instant) way to get longer-looking lashes, how you apply it can increase the effect considerably.

For perfect mascara application:

1. When you pull the mascara wand out of the packaging, remove excess mascara off the tip of the wand, by twisting it at the end of the barrel. This prevents lumps on your lashes.

2. Start at the base of your lashes in the middle, and make a small wiggle motion at the base to dump as much mascara at the roots. This will give your lashes a solid foundation and enable then to lift.

3. Avoid coating the tips of the lashes with too much product as this will weigh them down and they will appear heavy and clumpy.


Layer up 

Three is always the magic number, this mantra even works for mascara.

Apply three coats on the top lashes and two on the bottom to get them looking not only longer but fuller too. Don't wait for each layer to dry as getting a hold of those lashes will be a lot harder!


Remove that make-up properly

While we depend on make-up to enhance our natural beauty, there's no points scored for sleeping with your make-up on. That's exactly the right way to go about blocking your pores, messing up your skin and weakening your lashes.

Wearing too much mascara for too long will only make your lashes dry out and become brittle, meaning they're more likely to break and fall out. So before you hit the sack, make sure you cleanse! 


Eyelash growth serum for extra umph

It's a bit of a commitment but it definitely pays off – a lady at the spa I go to used one solidly for a month and it worked great, I don’t remember the name but will ask the next time I am there ( month end ). Using an eyelash growth serum will certainly help you achieve longer, fuller-looking lashes.


Get curling girl

Eyelash curlers are one of your best weapons in the fight against lacklustre lashes. Curly eyelashes make your peepers look brighter, bigger and much more flirtatious. By curling your lashes you're exposing more surface which instantly makes lashes look longer. 

I use my eyelash curler all the time – it makes my eyelashes look great and the curl stops those naughty eyelashes from curling the wrong way into my eyes. They lift them and show them off better.


Embrace lash fibres & Nifty mascaras

If you've not come across lash fibres before you might find them a bit scary. These clever beauty fibres look just like cotton wool which you paint onto your lashes to thicken them. The tiny fibres attach to your natural lashes, so that when you apply your mascara there's more for it to hold onto, instantly making your lashes look longer.

Some mascara’s have the fibres in a double ended applicators – one being the mascara and the other being the fibres.  It really did add additional length to my eyelashes.  There is also products that are similar where you paint a white base coat before the mascara that gives a thicker appearance and adds length.


Try eyelash extensions for instant effect

Eyelash extensions should be approached with caution as the wrong kind can weaken your lashes and cause them to fall out, but if you find the right technician you'll soon fall in love with your longer, natural-looking eyelashes.  I’ve seen some amazing sets done on some ladies.

What's more they're comfortable enough for contact lens wearers and take away the need for mascara!


Brush those lashes ladies

Sometimes the most effective things are the most simple - brushing your lashes with a special eyelash comb can make them look longer and can help them to grow a little more too.



Slicking it over our lashes before bedtime is beauty habit that will be worth the time and you'll see your eyelashes looking longer in a matter of weeks.


Eat Right

Last but not least, let's not forget that beauty really is an inside-out matter at times. If your diet is lacking in essential vitamins and minerals then your lashes are probably having a hard time reaching their potential.

Change up your diet and make sure it's rich in protein like eggs and fish which help your hair to grow (and that includes eyelashes). The more fruit and veg you eat the better.


So flutter those flirty eyelashes and have fun!


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