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How to look hot for your night out with AVON

How to look hot for your night out with AVON

So safe girl here is going a bit bold today! Yay! That's the fun of playing the model for Beauty Bulletin.

After looking at all the beautiful reviews on the 12 in 1 Eyeshadow Palette from AVON I decided to also get myself one.Best decision ever! Most eyeshadow palettes have some nice colours, but some very boring ones.That's not the case of this AVON 12 in 1!

 I really would like to win the one year supply of AVON products because I am really an AVON fan and have a lot of respect for

their products and how they are accessible for women all around the world.Also very affordable for the quality of it.

So here my make up saga starts :



 I was a blank canvas with no make up on. Very boring haha


I found myself in love with this awesome 12 in 1 Eyeshadow Palette from AVON:



 I used my AVON Eyeshadow primer all over my brow bone and eyelid to really make this eyeshadow hold. You don't want make up running down on your face while you are dancing and just having the best time in your night out. I then used the "starry night blue" eyeliner glimmerstick to contour my lash line.

 Then is eyeshadow time and I started using the light silver colour to my brow bone and inner and outer corner of my eyes to bring luminosity. It was then time for the darker blue to be applied on my eyelid blending everything together. I finalised the eyeshadow look with the darker silver colour to the outer corner of my eyes and really smoked it up. I gave another line of the "starry blue" eyeliner to really hold it and I applied black glimmerstick eyeliner to the inner part of my eyes and lash line. Everything came together with as many coats as I wanted of the Super Shock Max Mascara.

On my lips I applied a light golden nude and my shine attract AVON lip gloss.

Look how I went from "NADA to PRADA"!!!


Now that's what we call transformation!



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