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How to grow your hair to your waistline???

​Hi ladies,

I’m sure we can all relate to this post and we’ve all wanted to have hair past our shoulders.... now I’ve always had issues with my hair and it’s been a flaw that I could not escape. My hair is part of my identity and my self esteem which took some serious knocks. My ultimate hair goal is to have hair down to my waistline, I want to be a repanzul with luscious hair that will make people jealous.

But before I can even start my journey to healthy waist long hair I had to establish a few routines and do some serious research, I had to understand my hair type and what I’m dealing with... so my hair type used to be curly UNTIL I fell pregnant with my beautiful little son and because of the massive amount of hormones rushing through my system, my hair went dead straight and I’ve lost a massive amount of hair I no longer have a lions Maine. 

So with me dealing with pregnancy hormones and hair loss it’s safe to say I always had my hair up and oily and I just couldn’t care until one day, I looked at myself in the mirror and realized I can be beautiful and I can have amazing hair, so there I was off on my journey to discover the secrets  to grow waist long and after numerous research studies I found the answers to be the same. 

Im going to be frank that these 30 day hair grow challenges is not it and you can’t grow 5 cm of hair in 30 days it’s impractical and impossible, these hair secrets I’m sharing is long term solutions and will require lots of patience.

Without further ado here is the magical hair secrets 

1. Sleep with a silk cap or silk pillow case - ladies this is by far the best decision I’ve made since I’ve started my journey on the 1st of June and let me say I have less tangles and my hair is silkier/smoother with Zero Frizz and best part less breakage. The best part is you can get all these items at Clicks for a total of R250 and that’s for both the silk cap and the silk pillow case.

2. Deep condition your hair - this is a total must and I highly recommend getting a few hair masks that you can experiment with, remember not all masks will work with all hair types. I recommend getting a hydrating mask and maybe a protein mask, sometimes our hair needs more protein and less moisture and sometimes more moisture then protein, you don’t want to overload your hair with protein/moisture, you want a balanced ratio. Furthermore don’t leave it in for 5 minutes no leave your deep conditioner in for at least half an hour if you want the best benefits from that mask.

3. Hot oil treatments - now I’ve always been scared to use oils in my hair because I had such a big misconception about hair oils and I always thought no way I can use oils on my hair it will weigh my hair down. I was completely wrong about that and oils has now become my best friend since, I do a hot oil treatment before I wash my hair and I sleep with it over night until the next morning. My favorite oil at the moment is the Jamaican Black Castor Oil from Mango and Lime. I only oil my scalp and not the rest of my hair otherwise I will look like a pot of oil which is not necessary. There is two ways you can do a hot oil treatment, you can heat the oil up in warm water or you can get a heat cap from Marley Grey they sell for R250.00 and I’ve had mine for two years now and it still heats up in the microwave as it did when I first got it.

4.  Microfiber towel - be sure to use a microfiber towel when drying your hair it’s gentle on your hair and creates less friction on your hair follicles also do not rub your hair when you dry it that is a big NO, rather squish your hair dry with the towel until the excess of water has been removed from your hair. 

5.  Do not wash your hair every day - the hair gods will punish you if you’re found guilty of this, instead wash your hair twice a week I know it’s hard and I’ve had to train my hair to be acceptable of only being washed twice a week, my new best friend is dry shampoo however I don’t overdo  it with the dry shampoo either, I will only start applying dry shampoo on the 3rd day or sometimes even only on the 4th day. 

6. Hot/cold water - you’re hair will love this hack, I wash my hair with lukewarm water and rinse with lukewarm water then I apply my conditioner and rinse my conditioner with cold water, the heat allows your hair follicles to open and the cold closes them so you lock the moisture in your hair

7. How to wash your hair - a lot of us wash our hair wrong and that’s thank you to the hair commercials, yes they want you to wash your hair vigorously like their models do, because it’s a selling point for them it’s to advertise how much their product foams, now I’ve learned from Brad mondo that you have to only wash your scalp and not the rest of your hair as you rinse the product it will clean the rest of your hair as well, I’ve tested his theory and yes I only need wash my scalp gently the rest of my hair gets cleaned as I rinse the shampoo out. Further to this I condition my hair from the ends up and I’m careful not to over do my conditioner, you don’t need a handful a little goes a far way the same principle applies to your shampoo. 

8. Moderate heat - I know a lot of hair goddesses doesn’t want you using heat but in my personal opinion if I use heat in moderation and apply a heat projection spray on then it’s okay, however if I had to straighten my hair daily and use heat daily then it’s not okay because then I will cause massive damage to my hair. 

9. Brushing your hair - when brushing hair be gentle with your hair and don’t start at the roots but rather the ends and gently brush your hair and detangle your hair

10. H2O - drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated 

These are my tips and I hope you ladies find them useful and they help you achieve your dream length in hair 


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