How to do ombré on your hair at home


Hi beauties!

I have posted on a status a week ago saying that I had dyed my own hair at home. It was not the first time I did it. In fact I have done a couple of times on myself and once on a friend's hair. I am the type of person that likes getting creative and I definitely don't like paying somebody else to do what I can do myself. I find it that applying colour on your hair is not that difficult and with experience and a few "misses" one learns how to achieve good results. I am lucky my hair is very strong and generally healthy, so I can play around with it a bit.

So I really wanted to have an ombré look on my hair to like natural highlights, sun kissed, beach girl vibes.

From previous experiences I've learnt that it is important to use the right product and not leave it on your hair longer than it should. If your hair is already damaged or breaks easily, I would advise you to look for professional help. I definitely don't want to say it always works perfectly and you can go without a Hairdresser.

After I watched a few tutorials on YouTube and reading a few blog posts, I went to the nearest Clicks store and purchased the Items I would need:

- Kair highlighting kit in blonde (includes gloves)

- Foil stripes

- A plastic bowl to mix the highlighting powder and cream

- John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Correcting Shampoo

- Pantene Colour Damage Rescue Treatment Masque



My hair was brown with red hues, so I didn’t think I could go straight into light blonde highlights. I applied the Kair highlighting mixture for honey like blonde, which left my hair with an orange like colour. Not cool at all!



I waited for one week so that I could allow my hair to recover and apply the Kair highlighting for light blondes, so I could achieve the lighter blond colour I wanted.


Step 1: I divided my hair in two sections after I combed it well.


Step 2: I began from the bottom part of my hair, working from middle length down to my hair tips where I applied more mixture (you want the tips to be lighter). From middle length up I used my fingers to blend mixture going up and down with my fingers (this is to blend your natural colour with the blonde and make it look more natural, otherwise you will have a much defined shock between the brown to blonde).


Step 3: I used foil to cover the parts I applied the mixture. It helps the colour to open up.



Step 4: I did the same on the top section of my hair, giving special attention to the very front part where did thinner layers of light and covered with foil.


Step 5: I waited 40 minutes (the waiting time will depend on the colour of your hair) and kept on checking every 10 minutes to see if I had achieved the colour I wanted).


Step 6: I rinsed my hair and applied the John Frieda Go Blonder Colour Renew Tone Corrector Shampoo all through the hair. This shampoo has a violet colour and nice consistency and it is intended to diminish the brassiness one can get out of highlights.


Step 7: After removing the Shampoo I applied Pantene Colour Damage Rescue Treatment Masque and left it on for 5 minutes.



Step 8: I rinsed it well and blow dried my hair.


I was happy with the results, even though I still need to wash with the John Frieda shampoo to open up the colour a bit more.



Hair salons wanted to charge me R 600-00 to do what I did at home for  R 150-00 (including the John Frieda Shampoo which costs R 95-00 and excluding the Pantene Hair Mask which I already had).


So here it’s the final result!


Stay tuned as I will be posting the progress with the John Frieda shamppoo. It promisses that after 3 washes I will see results!

XOXO BB queens!