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How to Achieve Smooth Hairless Armpits

How to Achieve Smooth Hairless Armpits

The temperature is getting warmer and the days are becoming longer now. I'm slowly transitioning my wardrobe to be more 'hot climate friendly' so a lot of sleeveless pieces are added back. It's time we give extra attention to the armpit area since it's going to be exposed more.

Today, we have have lots of options for our hair removal needs. We can shave, wax, epilate or use hair removal cream. I'm sure most of you have experimented with most of these options. Today, I'm going to share how I maintain my underarm areas to be smooth and hairless.

Why I don't shave my armpits regularly
I used to shave because it gave quick instant results but now I don't really shave my armpits anymore because the hairs tends to grow back within 12-24 hours. This is because the hairs is only removed at the surface. I'm a pretty forgetful person so I don't always remember to shave daily which is a bummer because I HATE the sight and feel of stubbly armpits. I don't know about you guys but no matter what razor I used, my armpits still always had a dark cast which also wasn't a good look.

How I achieved Smooth Hairless Armpits - The Steps

What you'll need:
Razor, epilator and tweezers (If you don't own an epilator already, I highly reccomend you to invest in one unless you wax instead. Definitely a life saver beauty item for sure)

First, I actually shave (yes, you need to shave once only) my armpits first. I want all the hairs to grow back at the same length for effective epilating results. If I were to epilate on longer hairs, it would hurt more and not look as clean (epilater tends to break longer hairs rather than pluck).

Then I would wait a day or two for the suckers to show up again. The hairs should be short lengthed (prickly and ugly ugh) but long enough for the epilator to grab hold of and pluck off. This makes the epilation process less painful (since the hairs are shorter therefore less backlash) and more effective (epilator pulls the hairs easier). This gives much smoother results, trust me!

Because your hair doesn't grow all at the same speed, some of the other suckers may grow slower so for the next few days, continue to epilate (at a low mode) if needed.

Now that the pits are cleared up. Every few days, I would use a pair of tweezers (yes tweezers) to manually pluck away any stray hairs myself. I just sit in front of a mirror with my arm raised high resting against something (note, you may get arm cramps from time to time so you'll need to switch arms in between) and I pluck away. Unlike shaving, the hairs actually grow back thinner so the tweezer does a better job than the epilater. It may sound a bit high maintenance but there's something very satisfying about plucking the suckers out. It doesn't hurt (well, for me) either. I usually just spend a few minutes on each armpit and I'm good to go. Yes, the image doesn't look too great but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

The advantages are of course, brighter and smoother looking pits. The hairs grow back thinner and less so even if they do grow back, it's not as obvious so even if you do forget to tweeze, your armpits won't look as dark and obvious.

Some useful tips for smooth hairless armpits

  • I usually epilate after a shower so the pores are open and skin is more relaxed.
  • Skin can become a little red after epilation so if you have somewhere to go to, epilate the day before to let the redness calm down for the next day.
  • Exfoliate your under arm area daily with a bath sponge to unclog your pores. This removes dead skin and prevents in grown hairs from developing. You can make your own body scrub from sugar and olive oil to exfoliate your armpits for fresh smooth skin if you wish but honestly, a sponge does a good job already.
  • These days, deoderants come with an 'anti-darkness' beauty function so they not only keep your under arm area dry but also lightens the darker skin. However, I personally don't use deodorant because I don't sweat much which is pretty weird.
  • Some people use 'lemon juice' to lighten the darker skin but I personally find it a little too harsh for the sensitive under arm area. Cucumber juice or natural yogurt has the same function but less harsh.
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