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How the Derma Lift tone an lightens Underarm skin

How the Derma Lift tone an lightens Underarm skin


This is another one of those miracle treatments I discovered while using my derma lift and this is how it goes:





Firstly, make sure underarm skin is clean and free from any product residue.




Then, prepare the skin with a combination of, or any of the following products:




Miracle Tissue Oil












Skin Detox










Select the appropriate age on your derma lift using the appropriate settings.




Then select the ‘Lifting’ option from the treatment options available. I chose this treatment as it is the only one that deals specifically with lightening of skin. You have the option of selecting low, medium or high treatment.










Finally, using slow and circular movements, with fingers in constant contact with the metal plates on the side of the derma lift, rotate the machine without lingering too long on any particular area. Basically massage your underarms.








Regular use lightens underarm skin.










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