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How I get happy hair

How I get happy hair

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I’m very pedantic about my hair and I feel like I’m only now getting a handle on how to style it and treat it to keep it looking good.

To give you some background I’m a natural blonde and not nice blonde. I’m a true ash blonde – my hair shines grey in sunlight and looks dirty all the time. To brighten it up I colour it.

I’m an at home colourer and have never run into any trouble thus far. I buy the best quality home colour kits and follow them to the t! I find that the Loreal Excellence Cream works best for my hair.

My hair is stick straight and fine.

This is what I do to keep it healthy and shiny:

Supplements – I believe in getting my nutrients from my food, but I’m a fan of supplements when needed. I wanted to grow my hair out last year for my wedding and my hairdresser recommended Natura’s Tissue Salts (they come in a white bottle and you can find them at pharmacies, clicks, dischem etc). I firmly believed these helped my hair grow faster and stay in good condition. I take two tablets three times a day. Also I take an Omega 3 supplement and multivitamin daily and I think this had a good effect on my hair, skin and nails.

Go SLS free – If you can find SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) or Sulfate-free shampoos snap it up. Sulfates are chemicals added to shampoo, shower gel etc to make it lather among other things. The problem? It’s a very drying ingredient that strips your hair and skin of natural oils. I use SLS free products every other wash and I find the health of my hair has improved. However, finding Sulfate free is difficult. Earth Sap’s range is affordable and found at Wellness Warehouse and the online shop, Marc Anthony’s Oil of Morocco range is sulphate-free and you can find that at good Clicks and Dischem stores. CHI also has some sulphate free shampoos, as does Nature’s Gate, both at Dischem. Just read the label and a lot of the time it will say on the front of the bottle if it’s sulphate-free.

Treatments – Treatments are the way forward! I like to use a good hair mask once a week (I love Dove’s Hair Fall mask and Aussie’s Three Minute Miracle) and after every wash I spray my hair with a leave in conditioner (at the moment I’m using V05’s Miracle Mist and its awesome) and follow that with a few drops of hair oil. V05’s Miracle Concentrate is great as is Moroccan Oil and Nuxe’s Dry Oil. Your hail dries quicker, is protected from heat styling and is frizz free. I see Loreal had a new one out for the ‘drug store’ and I’m dying to try this. If you have let me know how it goes!

Cut down on washes – It sounds counterproductive, but washing your hair less makes it healthier. Water strips your hair of moisture; to protect itself your hair makes more oil and you get greasier quicker. Second and third day hair is also easier to style and holds styles longer. Invest in a good dry shampoo (I love Batiste from Clicks and freshen Up from Dischem). Dry shampoo stretches the time you can go between washes. Its powder particles absorb oils leaving your hair looking just washed. They’re also great for adding volume.

So there you have it. If you have any tips and tricks I would love to hear them!

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