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I have been on a mad hunt (yes mad hunt, not man hunt) - desperately looking for THE foundation cover up that suited me best.  Its been years now that I have been back and forth, back and forth products such as Revlon, Clinique and Maybelline, yet my search came to an end, when I walked into the WW Galleria store.  I randomly stopped by and behold me, I made the greatest discovery = Smashbox, CC Cream!  It really is a BB Cream on steroids. It has all the wonderful benefits of a BB cream, like skin nourishing ingredients, anti-ageing peptides and sun protection, but it offers double the coverage. I will recommend this to any girl who wants to look her best, feel confident and show her best to the world, her face for all to behold. 





Smashbox Lust Have Item Still Primers
Smashbox CC cream

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