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Homemade Natural Makeup Remover

Homemade Natural Makeup Remover

Many women try to steer clear of makeup products with too many artificial ingredients, fragrances and dyes in them, but when it comes to their makeup remover, they often forget that rule. Using a natural makeup remover is a great way to maintain a natural skincare routine, as it will help remove makeup without irritating skin. Most non natural makeup remover products tend to contain strong levels of alcohol in them, which strip skin of essential oils and often cause allergic reactions such as redness and dryness


The great news is that you can create your very own natural makeup remover in the comfort of your own home. One recipe you can make only requires a cucumber and a half cup of milk in order to make a simple, natural makeup remover. You simply just need to peel and puree the cucumber, then simmer alongside the milk for ten minutes. Strain into an airtight container and store in the fridge until ready to use. A great natural makeup remover for eyes that you can use is olive oil (just dip your cotton ball in the oil and gently press along eye lids). Coconut oil and jojoba oil work just as well, and they moisturize skin in addition


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