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Home exfoliation

Home exfoliation

A few years ago, when I was a blossoming teen taken by the world of beauty and skin care, I discovered the little gem that its baby oil and sugar. 


I read in a magazine that if you mix some brown sugar with some baby oil and mix it into your bath, not only will you be giving your skin an exfoliation, but you'll come out of the bath glimmering with beautifully softened skin. Obviously this was enough to pique my interest and I did exactly that. I mixed some brown sugar with a little bit of baby oil. Naturally you don't want to mix too much baby oil into your bath as you'll be slipping all over the place, like a slick seal. After bathing, I got out and my body felt rejuvenated. Not only was my skin really smooth, it felt moisturized, not dry as it usually does after a hot bath. 

I recommend this trick to all woman. It leaves you feeling wonderful after :)

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