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Healthier options !

​With the past few weeks being so ridiculously hot all over SA , one cant help but run to the fridge and chug down a really tall glass of icy cold Coke ! 

Now I am no saint , I love my Coke but sometimes we have to think twice about the type of food and drink that we ingest. Especially us girls , there are all types of problems that goes down with that 1 glass of Coke , i.e. sugar = weight gain , bad skin , constant temptation to drink more which inevitably = more weight gain !

I thought I would take the time to share with you a healthier and refreshing option that will keep you just as chilled and refreshed , and guess what ? No weight gain ! :)

Many of you have probably heard of this already but here it is again for all you beauties that do not know .

You need :

1 lemon sliced

a small piece of cucumber ( about 10 thin slices ) 

Mint leaves ( optional ) 

A jug of water 

All you need to do is add your lemon and cucumber slices to the jug of water and add mint leaves if you would like to . Add some ice or chill it for a while .This mixture can be left overnight to get a deeper infusion and the flavors will be stronger or you can serve immediately chilled .

Keep this in your fridge so every time you open it you will see it and drink it instead of other unhealthy options.

And sadly if you like me and back in the office next week , all you have to do is empty the mixture into a bottle like the one in my picture and keep it on your desk . This will remind you to constantly drink water all day and you can keep track of how much you have consumed  in a day . Just keep topping it up with ice or cold water depending on your preference .

You can change it up if you like , swap out the ingredients with fruits like strawberries , litchis or water melons even orange slices .Make it to suit your taste buds so that you know you will drink it :)

Be sure to use new fruit everyday .

Enjoy :)

e.l.f left before it landed :(
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