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Hair Treatment Disasters

Hair Treatment Disasters

Have you ever heard someone say that putting egg in your hair is really really good for it??? Well, I heard that once...hmmmm


Here is my experience with those sort of hair remedy solutions.


I do love taking good care of my hair and so when something sounds good and natural and nourishing for my locks I am eager to give it a bash. So this one time I come across one of those blogs that make all sorts of suggestions on how to take extra special care of your hair the natural and economical way and I thought, "Well, that's easy enough! Crack an egg, whisk it lightly and pour over my hair and let it work it's magic and then just rinse it out!" Easy right?

Wrong. Well, the whisking and pouring it on part was pretty straight forward. Even the washing and rinsing was straight forward. Getting the sticky and smelly egg out of your hair was the challenge!! What the hang! I washed it about 4 times and rinsed vigorously but it was to no avail! My hair was a tangled sticky mess  straight after that shower...but the worst was yet to come.

The next day I woke up, tied my hair back, washed my face, put makeup on and got dressed and then tried to do my hair. As I pulled the elastic band out and let my hair fall loosely I was greeted with the most hideous aroma! Raw stinky egg!!! It STANK so badly! I have no words for the smell that lingered in my hair from the disastrous home hair repair I had tried the day before. I dived into the shower again and desperately tried to free my hair of this putrid smell but it was hopeless.

I had to endure for the rest of the week with a smell close to a septic tank coming off my head. I sprayed perfume directly onto my hair that whole week and eventually after a thorough wash every day it started to smell slightly more normal. I think that treatment did more damage than anything else I ever tried. Maybe I did it completely wrong or I used a dinosour egg but I know I will never try that again. Thanks but no thanks.

I will gladly stick to my John Frieda Full Repair Range to keep my hair beautiful and healthy. It smells a million times better and really does take care of my hair the way I want it looked after. Thanks John Freida for a great product range. I am still loving it!!!


I might try putting lemon juice in my hair next to make it go blonder... HAHAHA as if! That is what John Frieda SHEERBLONDE range is for. Thanks for saving my hair from home remedies JF!



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