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Hair revival

Hair revival

Thanks to a badly grown out short hair style, washed out box dye colour and  an out of control oily, sebaceous scalp, I was at my wits ends with my hair and was considering shaving it all off! Ok, that is an exaggeration but I was desperate! It was then that I was told that I absolutely needed to go and see Shelene Shaer, owner of Tanaz Hair.

I decided to take the plunge and opted for a trendy ombre to liven up my hair.  Shelene is just lovely, she is friendly and oh so talented. She very kindly explained to me what I could be doing to cause excessive oiliness on my scalp and she gave me these easy to implement, yet crucial tips:

1.       Dry wash my hair – the combination of shampoo emulsifying with water exacerbates oil production.

2.       Gently massage hair whilst washing – harsh massaging or rubbing of the scalp over stimulates oil production.

3.       Condition hair tips (even if you have oily hair) and especially if you dye your hair blonde.

4.       Blow dry hair after washing – this helps to keep oiliness at bay.

The cherry on the top was the ABSOLUT REPAIR Lipidium treatment by L’Oreal Professional Paris that I received which made my hair feel so healthy and there was ZERO sign of grease. Within just 20 minutes of applying the ABSOLUT REPAIR Lipidium it is said to repair 100% of hair damage – Lipidium Complex truly works wonders! For all you Capetonians, Shelene works in Cape Town monthly from so if you’re not in Jhb book your monthly appointments now!

I am one very satisfied lady, now with gorgeous hair too. I highly recommend Shelene from Tanaz Hair, she is the ultimate hair guru!

A huge thank you to Shelene!

Contact Shelene:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 011 786 2976



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