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Hair care

Hair care

​                                                                              May your skin glow and fro grow

Its' been about a year now without relaxing my hair, I've had moments of weakness where I so desperately wanted to relax because it's easier to maintain my hair that way or actually it was just what I was used to. Now I've learnt how to properly take care of my hair, so here are a few tips to keep your fro looking amazing.

1. Wear something on your hair when you sleep. Don't be shy protect your hair, put a doek (head wrap) on it girl! 

2. Moisturise, you hair also needs love so just as you moisturize your skin to prevent it drying and cracking, moisturise you hair to prevent dryness and breakage. I'm sure we all know the goddess of all things hair our beloved Queen coconut oil. If you have a different moisturiser then use that, but coconut works perfectly. Also don't over moisturize, so don't do it every day maybe 3 times a week or twice a week.

3. Wash your hair! I'm sure this is common sense, wash thy hair. Because my hair is a lot of maintenance I can't wash everyday (I'm sure if i did i would somehow damage it) it would kill me, so I wash once a week or once every two weeks. Tea tree oil shampoo does wonders to my hair.

4. Base that scalp, Once again I use coconut oil for this, or MPL oil. I find its better to use oils to base the scalp so that it really remains alive and doesn't dry out.

5. When you condition your hair detangle your strands after the conditioner has been put on. Comb it out! 

6. Protective styles! This is pretty self explanatory; keep your hair in simple protective styles.

7. Be careful with heat, avoiding blow drying and straightening immediately after. Too much heat can be damaging to your hair.

                                     ''I love my baby hair, with baby hair and Afro'' -Beyonce

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