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Hair and Skin Free: Week 2 Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

Hair and Skin Free: Week 2 Feedback, Feedback, Feedback



Can you believe that we are in week 2 of the fasting period already? So much time has passed and I am happy to report that things are going well for me apart from the occassional illness.


Here is my feedback so far:



Sjin update:




Wowee, I have noticed a huge improvement in the condition of my skin and people have complimented me on the glow that they have noticed. Could it be a good detox regime due to the fasting or good skin care range I am using?  Hmmmm go figure?


Anyway, all my acne is gone and blemishes have cleared up 90%, almost none in sight. Before the fasting I was quite conscious about my skin but now everything has settled.



Hair Update:



Apart from being slightly dry, my hair looks good. It has plenty of volume and I dig into some good oils like tissue oil and coconut oil to help combat breakage and dryness.

It has tons of volume and I know my JF Full Volume shampoo and conditioner has something to do with it.


I think there is something in saving your hair from excessive heat styling and you will reap the benefits afterwards.


I have also noticesd some hair growth and less haircoming out when I comb thanks to My Miracle Hair Nutritrition spray.


Awesome stuff.



Overall I feel as though I have lost a couple of kilos too beacuse I feel lighter and soo much cleaner on the inside.



Have a happy week ahead!


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