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Hair and Skin Free Campaign

Hair and Skin Free Campaign



I was soooo inpsired by Beauty Bulletin's monthly challenges that I decided to start my own monthly challenge: A skin and hair free campaign.


You might be wondering, what exactly am I on about and its actually very simple; to coincide with our coming month of Fatsing I have decided to not only give my body a good detoxing break but my hair and skin needs one too.




My planb over the next few weeks is to only use natural remedies for treating my skin and hair and I will blog daily about my experiences and how its changed my life.

Regarding Hair, I will be giving up:

All styling products and tools.


brushes, I will only comby my hair lightly after washing,

Harsh shampoos and conditioners.

Tight hair styles, hair accessories


What I will be focusing on:

Herbal remedies f to improve hair growth, volume and shine,

Hair Nutrtion

Extensive use of natural ingredients





I also hope to share some of my remedies with you, the ones that work and also focus on things like healthy easting, intake of good supplements and the impotance of apprecaiting one's inner beauty.


I believe no amount of artificals or surgeries can ever make one truly beautiful, it all begins within.



Will certainly be posting pictures of results and all the products that I have used.


Wishing you happy skin and Hair days!




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