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Natural Beginnings

I'm a natural hair and face enthusiast.

I am proud of the skin and hair I've been given and embrace it to the best of my capabilities. I am not an expert but when it comes my to my own hair and skin I'd like to think I am. I love using natural products on my whole body and I believe my body loves me for it.

I will be sharing my natural hair and skin journey. By natural skin I mean a bare face with no make-up, just pure and how God gave it to me. I will share products I use that work for me for both hair and skin.

I hope you enjoy and remember just because something works for me doesn't mean it's for everyone but I hope when you try my skin and hair routine that they work just as well for you as they have for me.

Neliswa Sithole?

Goodbye Pimples

 ​I know how we all hate the site of pimples especially if you're skin has been behaving, t's time we all said goodbye to pimples Coconut oil on pimples does wonders.I've been using this method for a while now and I thought why not share. I know a lot of people, like myself who suffer from dark marks and despise the site of pimples and would do anything to remove them. Well this method is for you with easy and simple steps to follow. And yes it works wonders. Do not that different methods work for different people. Just because what I do doesn't work for you didn't mean it doesn't work, it just purely not for you.Before you start these steps please ensure you've washed your face.

You will need: 

Raw Coconut Oil 

Cotton Ball



1. Pop pimple with sterilized needle.

2. Squeeze out substance and wipe with cotton ball or face cloth.

3. Dab cotton ball or ear bud into coconut oil and rub it on that pimple. Your finger works just as good.

4. Go sleep you'll wake up with no pimples and NO DARK MARKS.

P. S. If pimple is huge or doesn't seem to be gone by the next day then don't hesitate to repeat process the next night or day.In my time using this method I found that it didn't take more than two days for the pimple to completely disappear without leaving any dark marks. I hope my method works wonders for you as it has for me. Please share your experience using my method. Hope to hear from you.Thanks for reading.

God bless you. ...

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