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Going/returning natural

It has come to my attention that a lot of PTA girls/ women want to go natural, however they don't know where to start, what products to use etc. I myself was lost too, I did a lot of research, asked advised from other naturals and just bear in mind I am still learning.

Personally, I will say that the first step is getting your mindset right, if you not mentally prepared don't do it. When your mindset is not right too many people will have an influence on your decision and how you feel about your hair #haijyssokroes #dieboerehetraairelaxergemak (harsh, but it is reality) and that's why you need to do this for you and JUST YOU #laathullepraat

Now you can decide are you going to big chop or transition? I started off transitioning, it was not for. It takes a lot of patience to deal with your new growth plus the straight processed hair all at once and I wasn't up for that. I know that going natural also requires a lot of time and patience, but at least it will only be my new growth that I must worry about.

The big chop also had me confused. I was like, WHAT NOW??? Remember I had a washday routine, ma hoe volg jy dai routine op n bles? Lol, anyhow research is key and I will go more in-depth on these two Journeys later in the week.

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