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Gift`s from Bramley`s this Christmas, that fits your Budget!

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A while ago I received a parcel which contained a ladies Pink Blossom gift set and a gents Bramley`s for men; Body lotion and Body Cream.For more information on Bramley product ranges please see:
I must admit I am a Bramleys fan, since I have been a devoted user of their Magnolia range, which is absolutely lovely especially the powder and the body butter.
About Bramley`s:

Bramley`s believes in making a difference in people`s lives by delivering products beyond expectations on every level when it comes to personal care.Their committed to quality, innovation, integrity and reliability which would all combined bring the world quality toiletries and cosmetics while offering value for money.

Yes my guy tested these for me, come on you didn't think I would test the men's products now did you? ;-)

Firstly, I was surprised when my guy actually agreed to use these products as many men are not that into body lotions and creams. I should confess that I think the blue colour and masculine design of the body lotion had caught his attention from the get go.

Bramley`s mens collection consists of Body Lotion, Hand Lotion and Shower Gel.

Top Notes of Bramley Men's Collection:
Floral accents, musk, and Warm Greenery

His Experience:
He loved the Body Cream much more than the lotion.If I could add my two cents worth of thought, it's because he has dry skin, and the body cream had absorbed into his skin, soothing it and leaving it soft without any greasy after feel to it.Guys and girls these products retail for less than R25 so it's great potential Christmas gifts this festive season. Because both the Body Cream and Body lotion is enriched with Vitamin E and Bio-Pharm oil, it helps to moisturise the skin and protect it. Now on the body lotion, he was less impressed with it, as most men are impatient, I feel him always squishing out too much of the lotion then having to wait while rubbing it in, for it to absorb into his skin, didn't make him much of a fan.Other than that, he had no real big issues regarding these two products and definitely would purchase the body cream again.Bramley for men- Body lotion, 400ml – R15.99 and Bramley`s for men- Body Cream, 250ml –R21.99

Ladies Pink Blossom Gift Set:
Includes: Pink Blossom Tissue Oil and Pink Blossom Hand and Nail Cream. *Absolutely love the pretty gift box, and its pink pattern all-over! ;-)

Pink Blossom Range: The Pink Blossom range consists of Body Lotion, Hand and Nail Cream, Tissue Oil, Talcum Powder and Body Butter.
Top Notes:
Soft and subtle Floral Notes, a tinge of powder, floral musk
My Experience:
For me, personally I can't go a day without this hand and nail cream.It has become a favourite of mine, since I started using it.It leaves my hands feeling moisturised and smelling absolutely lovely, and what I like most about it, is the powdery smell it has.Knowing that it's enriched with Vitamin E oil and Bio-Pharm oil, I know my skin is nourished, moisturised and protected.

The pink blossom Tissue-oil I keep in the bathroom, as oils are best absorbed into ones skin after a bath or shower, I always rub it into my skin, and use it on my stretch marks.The aroma in the bathroom thereafter is so lovely, even my mom asked me what I used and I just had to tell her about the Pink Blossom Gift set from pep (with subtle floral notes, and my all-time favourite powdery undertone).Pink Blossom Tissue Oil – 100ml and Pink Blossom Hand and Nail Cream – 50ml retails for R24.99 (giftset).I would definitely purchase this gift set, and what am I even saying? ;-)I am getting this giftset as gifts for 3 of my aunts this Christmas because it's simply said, lovely!;-)

Availability: Both of the ladies Pink Blossom Gift set and the Mens Body lotion and body cream are available from Pep Stores nationwide.

*Sponsored review: Thank you freebees marketing for these lovely goodies.

Pink Blossom Giftset gets my 5/5 Affordable, easily available from Pep Stores, Works well.

Mens Body Cream and Body lotion: gets my guys 4/5 - He loves the Body cream, as its easily absorbed, smells great and doesn't leave his skin ashy or oily.The body lotion takes some time to absorb into the skin so he gives it a 3/5, but still smells good to him.

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