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Get the look: Easy Messy Braid Updo

Get the look: Easy Messy Braid Updo

I just love braiding my hair as it’s such a great and easy style to create with bob hair. This is one of my favourite looks I have done so far and it was easy to do, fun to create and it really looks absolutely gorgeous. Here is a look at my Easy Messy Braid Updo.

I have very curly hair and I don’t always have time to straighten or even neaten it before heading out. For those days an updo really comes in handy and I want to share this Easy Messy Braid Updo with you today.

Easy Messy Braid Updo 2

This look is really great for those days that you simply cannot tame your hair, so here is how to create this stylish updo:

Step 1 - Start by tying your hair back into a low bun. For this look make sure that your hair isn’t tied too tight. Once your hair is tied into a bun, gently tug on the sides so that you get a looser updo look. Another important thing to do is to keep a piece of your hair loose at the front for your braid.

Step 2 - Next you will take the hair you put aside and create a normal braid. The whole idea of this look is to create a messy look so start tugging at your braid and make it messy.

Step 3 - Now simply pin your braid back using some bobby pins.

Step 4 - For the last step take a few loose strands of hair next to your face (or pull a few out) and create soft curls. This will really complete your look and the curls look gorgeous with your messy braid.

Easy Messy Braid Updo 4 Easy Messy Braid Updo 3

And there you go, an easy and messy braid updo that is truly easy, quick and ideal for bob hair!

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