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Get the look: Double Sided Braid Updo

Looking for a gorgeous new hairstyle to try out? Today I share this Double Sided Braid Updo with you.

We're having a really hot Summer this year and wearing your hair down can be uncomfy and just plain irritating. I know that's how I feel, so I've barely worn my hair down all Summer. There are still so many beautiful updos that you can try and today's look is easy and can be worn as an every day look or for a special occasion. I am really all about easy hairstyles and that is why this is one of my favourite styles to wear.

Here is how you can create this look:
I find that this look works best if your hair is not completely straight and I usually create it when my hair is all curly.

Step 1 – Start by creating two braids at the side of your head. Make sure that you braid them to the back as that's where you will pin them. Once you've created your braids, tie them with a thin elastic.

Step 2 – Next take the rest of your hair and tie it into a low bun.

Step 3 – Once your hair is in a bun, tug at the braids to create a messy look and then pin them back. You can take the elastics out or leave them in.

Step 4 – Take the ends of the braids and tuck them in with your bun.

Step 5 – Carefully pull two strands of hair out next to your ears and curl them.

Step 6 – You can use some hairspray to have a lasting look.

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