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Garnier_Journey to great skin week 3 part 3

Garnier_Journey to great skin week 3 part 3


I am so excited to report that Garnier has an amazing product on the market.

Its been an amzing journey I dont know what else to say; just hoping that more and more of the dark spots will begin to diminish soon.

I used the dark spot corrector together with my Annique antioxidant mask today and the results were stunning; talk about healthy skin.

Makes me think if it can work just as well on other areas of your body where dark spots are bound to appear like hands?


This weekend I will be uploading a full written review and a video review for this product, do not be shocked by the brightness please lol


This product really works and I suggest you go get an illuminating moisturiser!


My main aim for using Garnier was to develop sense of comfort with their products and this was the best way to start and now I am probably hooked on their skincare.


Tomorrow, I am hoping to use it together with my Miracle Tissue oil and monitor the effect.


will keep you posted!


Take Care


Yours in Garnier




Tuesday Afternoon
Garnier Dark Spot Corrector Daily Illuminating Moi...

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