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Garnier Experiment: Day 2

Garnier Experiment: Day 2

Yesterday was Day 2 for my experiment on Ruth's face.


I will describe her experience so far:

Apparently the moisturiser is very light and feels almost more like a gel than a cream. It seems to spread smoothly and absorb quickly but a little goes a long way and one must make sure that one does not squeeze too much out of the teeny-tiny nozzle since putting it back in is an impossible pain in the neck.


I have analysed the physical aspects of the tube and have this to say:

The tube is made of some sort of stiff metal foil, similar to a tube of paint or dye. This is actually quite nice since I imagine that once it begins to get used up it will be easy to roll up the back end to make sure that all of the cream will be used. The nozzle is long, yellow, pointy and has a very small hole so it comes out in a thin trail which is also nice since you can control almost exactly how much you wish to use.


As a Cat Chemist I have decided that I very much like this presentation, and the tube even has a nice mouth feel to it as I discovered this morning when I was chewing on it.


Next review coming soon.


Dr. Coco

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