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Garnier Experiment: Day 1

Garnier Experiment: Day 1

Good day,


My name is Dr. Coco. I am a Norwegian Forest Cat and my associate, Ruth, has been lucky enough to be chosen to review Garnier's latest breakthrough product:  Garnier Dark Spot Correcting Daily Illuminating Moisturiser. Since I am a chemist (PhD, M.D., M.P., LLM, and more but I don't want to show off) I will be conducting the experiment and recording the findings in the form of this blog. As the days progress, I will be discussing Ruth's experiences and the possible change in her skin tone. She is very pale (so pale, in fact, that she uses Baby Powder on top of her foundation) with some freckles and some dark marks so we shall see what magic can happen.


Here are some preliminary photos of Ruth's face-skin:

Ruth's Face #1


Ruth's Face #2

Unfortunately, she only gets back from work quite late and since the photographs should preferably be taken in natural light, you will be seeing a lot of her morning-face which can range from restful to Medusa-witch. Consider yourself warned - I don't think Garnier makes a product that removes pillow marks.


I look forward to blogging with you all. 

I bid you adieu until tomorrow,

Dr. Coco

Day one!
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