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Garnier Dark Spot Corrector

Garnier Dark Spot Corrector

Received my Garnier Dark Spot Corrector yesterday, first time doing a product review. Super excited......

I suffer from blemish marks and acne scars and I can not bare to go out without make up. I’ve tried brightening products before and this seems to be a typical result.  

So I'm really excited to test out this product.

First impression:

  • Texture: mix of gel/cream.
  • Feel: stickie, absorb quick than it is fairly smooth.
  • Moisture: Moisturises well.
  • Smell: Normal Garnier scent. 
  • Packaging: Metal tube

is only day 1, I'm going to give this product fair chance.


Garnier Dark Spot Corrector Daily Illuminating Moi...
Garnier_Journey to great skin week 2 part 4

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