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Fresh Faced New Year

Fresh Faced New Year


So when you hear “January” you also hear the echo’s of unwanted but necessary New Years resolutions! Eeeek!!! This is the most dreaded parts of January, those almost unattainable new years resolutions. I said almost!

As a woman, I find it easy to challenge myself when I know there are other women going through similar situations. This is one of the many reasons us women join communities, to discuss, debate and encourage one another.

Since this is exactly the kind of support system you need, Beauty Bulletin has decided to add some sugar and spice into the equation and offer all you ladies the chance to challenge yourself with a Fresh Faced New Year!

What is Fresh Faced New Year all about? It’s all about challenging yourself and sticking to your goals. Yes, I know you have heard this before, but here is where it is different. You are supported by an amazing group of women who are going through similar challenges. You can all interact and keep a daily journal with Beauty Bulletins Beauty Diaries.

All you need to do is blog daily on your progress, your all day long battles and follow through on the challenge you have given yourself. If you don’t have any why not give yourself one. Why not challenge yourself to a moisturizer challenge? Instead of only moisturizing in the morning, why not moisturize both in the morning and evening? Another great challenge to give your self is to increase your daily intake of water. Water cleanses your skin and helps with weight loss. Try a new hair routine that will aid in the growth or healthiness of your tresses. There are many other challenges you could share with us it just depends on you.

Beauty Bulletin will be doing weekly spot checks to select winners that have stuck to their challenges and placed daily blog entries into the Beauty Diaries section.

Let’s work together at bettering ourselves, challenge yourselves this year and reap the rewards not only through yourself, but also through Beauty Bulletin.

New year, new skin and new hair
New Year’s Resolutions For 2013

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