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Fragrance Highlights From 2014

Fragrance Highlights From 2014


New Year, new perfumes! Here are a couple of sweet smelling highlights from last year!


1. The personal purchase:  Reve by Van Cleef & Arpels - My ultimate fragrance highlight for 2014 was the peachy, summery, floral scent and the lovely bottle from Van Cleef & Arpels. I've been lusting after this scent since the first spring florals started blooming in September last year and I was lucky enough to treat myself with this for Christmas. With notes of peach, vanilla and rose, this is a soft, yet wearable fragrance for every day!


2. The pleasant surprise: Black Opium by Yves Saint Lauren - I was NEVER a fan of the cult classic Opium. Too heavy and not 'grown up' enough for me, clearly. Fast forward to 2014 last year, when Yves Saint Lauren relaunched a modern version of this scent, complete with rock chic model Edie Campbell. This is a soft, yet rebellious fragrance, perfect for the rebel girl who wants to remain her elegance! With hints of vanilla, coffee and spice, this fragrance is bold enough to make a statement, yet soft enough to feel pretty while wearing it.


3. The budget buy: Fijan Lotus Flower by The Body Shop - I can't get over this scent. If you are looking for a budget fragrance that smells like a million dollars, this is the thing! A soft scent combined with aquatic and floral notes, this scent lingers all day long!


4. The girly all rounder: La Vie Est Belle from Lancome -Looking for a feminine scent as a gift for someone special? Not quite sure WHAT to get? Ladies, you can't go wrong with this lovely fragrance from Lancome. It's a grown up version of Miracle (their fragrance that launched circa 2001 ... boy, I am getting old!), and it's like an episode of Downton Abbey, or an English garden captured in a bottle ... notes of vanilla, patchouli and fruit are strongly prominent, but wears off to create a soft, pleasant whiff. And the box and bottle? Amazing.


5. The one who went big and WILL become a cult classic - My Burberry - I have SO much to say about this one! Not only was this a very permanent campaign on Beauty Bulletin (remember those selfies?), but this was also one of THE fragrances for the year! Cara Delevigne and Kate Moss paired up to create the essence for Burberry: trendy, young, yet iconic and classic. The bottle elements presented a piece of the iconic trench coat and gave us the opportunities to own your very own piece of THAT Burberry Trench. Gorgeous. But let's get to the actual fragrance: Like a rainy afternoon in a London park, captured in liquid form, this fragrance presents notes of citrus, fruit and rose, making this a statement perfume for day or night. 

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