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b2ap3_thumbnail_woman-laughing-eating-yogurt-l.jpgIf winter has you singing the blues, you might be relieved to know that you may not be perpetual pmsing, but having a bout of SAD. As of 1984, Dr Norman E. Rosenthal a South African, author, psychiatrist, and scientist formally diagnosed the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as a mood disorder that can have people with healthy attitudes exhibiting signs of depression in winter or summer. He recommended light therapy as the treatment to the blues. But before you start knocking down walls and trying to justify why a two-hour-lunch at your favourite outdoor café should count as therapy, do take note that we can eat our way out of SAD. We can even do so without packing the pounds.


Oats, milk and bananas are great nutritional mood boosters as breakfasts go. Oats is high in fibre and great source of protein. It is a good carbohydrate that slowly releases energy throughout the day keeping the blood sugar and mood stable while regulating the function of the thyroid gland. Oats makes my judgemental bathroom scale that much easier to bear. I add low fat milk, a banana and freshly chopped mint to my bowl of oats to keep the worst of the winter blues at bay. The banana and mint eliminates the need for sugar.

Adding yoghurt to the breakfast and snack menu gives variety to the taste buds.  Cherry on top, it is also a mood and immune system booster that provides vitamin D and calcium to the body. Thus it reduces the levels of stress and anxiety. Steer clear of the flavoured yoghurts; opt for plain and low fat ones. They taste yummy topped up with berries.


Bananas and Brazil nuts make tasty and healthy mid-morning snacks. Bananas help in providing the brain with the mood-lifting hormone serotonin, which is also found in most "happy pills". An added benefit in bananas is that they aid good sleep. No more counting sheep.

The Brazil nut has the trace element selenium which helps to protect our bodies against free radical damage associated with the ageing, pollution and certain types of cancer. Vanity satisfied, body healthy and my can-do attitude is only 3 nuts away.


A chicken or turkey salad sprinkled with chopped nuts makes for a healthy delicious lunch. I skip the salad dressing to maintain a happier relationship with my scale. Poultry versatile can be used for soups, sandwiches or with vegetables. It has amino acids that are great at soothing frazzled nerves and avoiding the blues altogether. To keep warm in winter, I love a spicy lentil and chicken soup. Plus, the lentils much like the bananas are a fantastic mood booster and a blood sugar stabiliser.

Adding on the happy menu:

Love or loathe them, oysters contain many essential nutrients such as zinc which is great for producing energy and keeping the brain in top shape. They also contain the amino acid tyrosine and they are great in boosting the immune system as well. Oily fishes such as salmon and sardines as they are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, making them great brain foods. Healthy working brains elevate the day to day stress levels and makes for happier attitudes.

Eat leafy greens, consume water in large quantities and dark chocolate in small quantities, for a happier, healthy and sunnier you. Who said you can’t love the food that loves you?  

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