​I have been using the Lancôme Advanced Genifique serum for six days now and so far I am VERY impressed.

At R780 a bottle, I had very high hopes for almost immediate results. 

The bottle is magnificent. Seriously, it may be the most impressive bottled serum in terms of aesthetic! The dropper is embossed with the Lancome rose and the design of the dropper is very unique. 

After the third day I had one or two pimples pop up (I had not changed anything else in my skincare routine so it was from this product) but they were very small and disappeared within two days. I think the formula was very rich and luxurious and my skin is not used to it so it had a mildly bad reaction. 

I can already see the positive results in the way that when I wake-up I can ​feel​ the difference in the firmness of my skin and it is already starting to even out my semi-uneven skintone.

I cannot WAIT to see what my skin looks like in a few weeks time!!