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Final Goodbye to my Brows

Final Goodbye to my Brows



My Dearest Brows:

(Letter of Farewell)


The time has come for us to say our final goodbyes today but, just before we do that, I want to remind you about all the times we shared together.


It has been a long time coming and you know that, eventually, you would have needed to go.


We have known each other for as long as I can remember, you loved to grow and grow and grow furiously all over my face leaving me looking like a wild animal with wild untamed eyebrows. I guess that was always your strong point. We had some good times especially when people teased me about the forest on my face and you managed to keep a lot of bad elements away from my eyes, I appreciate.


I do however, have a small confession to make, I have developed feelings for another, I hope you can understand that the feelings are mutual. Let me introduce who I am having an affair with:


The Tweezer:




I am so sorry if I hurt you but, I just could not help myself at all. The tweezer is so wonderful and completes me in so many ways and encourages me to always look my best. I am afraid that this is something you could never do for me.

Ever since I have been with the tweezer (seeing each other privately), I feel so much more confident and happy to introduce to you the new me:


Excuse the red eyes please, I am just so sad and couldn't stop the tears while writing you this goodbye letter.


We had good times brows but, not its time for us to say goodbye. You are welcome to come and visit me any time, this is not the end of us. I know I will see you again soon and there is no reason why we cannot continue seeing each other and working on mending our relationship.


Anyway, gotta go now, tweezer is waiting for me and you know how impatient that one is. I think you may know him from the last experience when you fought furiously? Remember?



Take Care and see you in about 3 weeks and we will resume our discussion.








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