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This month Tampax posed the question; how do you make yourself feel good while on your period?

For many years, when I got my monthly period, I'd soldier on through my day, not paying much notice to what was going on with my body. I ignored my crippling period pains, cravings and mood swings and told myself to, 'pull myself together!" The result? Exhaustion, fights with my boyfriend/family/friends and a terrible self-loathing.

However, this year I decided that things will go a little differently during that time of the month. Whilst doing research for the Tampax Compak editorials I realised that women go through a pretty tough time while on their period. In fact, most of the experts I contacted advise that woman should, dare I say it, take it easy while menstruating.

I know, I know, this is all but impossible when we've got children, work, school and life in general to contend with. BUT if we all took sometime out of our busy days to take care of ourselves, rest, indulge in a new dress, chocolate or treat, then all the better.

So this year I resolve to take it easy during my period. I have a lie down where possible, listen to my bodies cravings and, to avoid any nasty fights, apologise in advance for my crazy emotions. My dear boyfriend is still a little flummoxed, but we're getting there month by month. 

I'd love to know how you make yourself feel good while on your period! Share your tips with us here in our dedicated beauty diaries! 


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