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Impact Of Fashion Nova Extending Fashion Trends To Kids

Impact Of Fashion Nova Extending Fashion Trends To Kids

Fashion Nova is one brand that almost every person is familiar with. Their products have been purchased by millions of people from various countries all over the world. The company is known for producing affordable fashion items, allowing middle-class customers and Gen Z shoppers to easily find fashionable, quality products to wear. In just 7 years, Fashion Nova has moved from producing only clubwear for women to producing clothes for men, women, and children.

Fashion Nova Kids Collection

Fashion Nova launched its highly successfulkids' collection in September of 2020. So many parents were excited about the launch that many immediately went to the store and purchased. Many parents excitedly posed in matching Fashion Nova outfits with their kids and shared the photos on Instagram.

Thanks to Fashion Nova, fashionable kids' clothing was finally available at an affordable price point.

Let's take a look at the impact of launching the Fashion Nova Kids line:

1.Better Choices for Middle-Class Families

There are already so many people in middle-class families shopping for Fashion Nova products. They cannot spend so much money shopping for products sold by more expensive brands, so they go for the equally-good, trendy Fashion Nova products.

By making clothes for kids, Fashion Nova reduced the amount of time and money families spend on clothing on an annual basis.

Parents can now shop for their children as they shop for themselves. Even parents that don't normally shop on Fashion Nova can enjoy browsing the kids' options.

These kids' appropriate outfits are not only affordable but also very stylish. Parents have been loving taking pictures of themselves and their children wearing matching Fashion Nova outfits.

So, children don't need to step into their parents' wardrobes to try clothes on any longer. They now have their own!

2.Variety of Products for Stylish Kids

Kids develop a sense of style as they age, typically it becomes evident around age 5. Just like adults, kids have clothes they love wearing and others they won't want to ever be seen in.

Fashion Nova offers children a variety of clothing on their website. They have selections for both boys and girls with full-outfits and accessories available.

Because of the variety of options offered, parents can select clothes from the site based on what their children already love to wear.

Each product in the kids' line is developed with three things in mind: style, quality, and affordability. Fashion Nova prides itself on offering affordable price points, without compromising quality.

How is the Kids line helping Fashion Nova?

Fashion Nova Kids line has helped the brand increase their reach by pulling in families that have never shopped on the site before.

Many people are constantly on the hunt to find affordable, fashionable, and quality childrens' clothing. Because of this, many parents are now ending up at Fashion Nova.

Kids are always growing, and they need to change their wardrobe at least every year or so. Buying affordable clothes from Fashion Nova saves parents the money they would spend elsewhere on more expensive children's clothing - which can even allow them to buy more!

So, Fashion Nova will increase its revenue by selling clothes for men, women, and children.

About Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova was first established in 2006 by Richard Saghian as a brand that sold clubwear to women in the Panorama Mall in Los Angeles. At the time, Saghian never thought Fashion Nova would become an online brand. He personally interacted with customers who came to buy affordable products from his store and ensured that everyone got what they wanted.

In 2013, Saghian realized that some people were reselling his products online at a profit. After learning this, he decided to bring Fashion Nova to the online space. However, before taking that step, Saghian uploaded pictures of his customers wearing Fashion Nova to the brand's Instagram page. These customers reposted the pictures and brought more people to the Instagram page. Soon enough, the brand page hit 60K followers. When this happened, Saghian decided to finally launch the online store.

As if people were already anticipating this, every item for sale online sold out that weekend. Since then, Saghian's goal changed from establishing 100 brick-and-mortar stores across the United States to building a dominating online brand.

Since then, Saghian listened to what people wanted and studied what was lacking in the fashion industry. He developed new products for people in different markets. The company was able to produce quality and fashionable clothing for women of all sizes and also started collections for men and kids. They have now extended into the beauty industry, producing quality make-up products.

Since it's beginning, Fashion Nova hasn't stopped innovating new and in-demand products for a variety of people. The brand's goal is to produce products for as many people as possible, with inclusivity being a main focus. All the items on the site areaffordably priced, with most costing under $50. In the next few years, we expect Fashion Nova to release more collections, fashion accessories, and other products that will impact even more people and increase sales.

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