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Fashion Accessories you Can't Leave Your Home without

If you ask any woman, she will tells you that there are some fashion accessories that she never leaves home without. Naturally not all women have the same list or give the same answer, it depends on the time of the day, seasons of the year and just general mood of that person, however, there are some things that are bound to be on every list, and without which any woman will have to endure a fashion faux pas.


There are some outfits that just demand a perfectly suited scarf. This is something every woman knows, and leaving your home without one is just not acceptable. Now we are not just talking about winter time when one needs a warm stylish accessory to keep the heat bottled in, there are outfits that demand a good scarf all throughout the year. In the summer for example, a nice cotton or silk scarf can complement a dress exquisitely, and it can also keep a girl warm when night falls.


No, belt is not just a must have male accessory, women need it as well to complement their outfits. Business woman are more fond of thin leather belts that go well with tailored suits, and can even frame a business skirt. As for the younger generation the wide belt is back in trend again, can you imagine shirt-dress without a great belt, I think not. So this gives a bet the right to be a must have accessory of any fashionista. This is the perfect time of year to check out some of the online deals in Australia and get yourself the perfect accessory for that new outfit you just bought. 


This one is a no-brainier, what woman would leave her home without a bag, even if it is a gym bag. A great bag can make any outfit stand out. Naturally, you need your bag to match your outfit, a business bag is not for Friday night clubbing, nor is a clutch one for work. Deciding which bag you are going to opt for is as important as choosing your outfit for the day. So think carefully about the style, shape, and color of this indispensable accessory before you leave home tomorrow morning.


A million articles have been written on the importance of having the right shoes to match your fashion choices. After Carrie Bradshaw I don't think any woman thinks twice before giving a large sum of money for the perfect pair of shoes. Of course, you can do what Aussie women do and find the most stylish designer shoes in Australia to wear on the daily basis. However, just having a great shoes collection is not enough, you need to know how to match them with the outfit. Naturally no one is going to leave home without shoes, but if you picked the wrong ones, you might as well be barefoot.


The last item on our list, a great part of sunglasses. No matter the season, a woman with sunglasses always looks fashionable and a bit mysterious. Be careful to match your eye-wear to the weather. Lighter shades are more preferable in colder months, while summer just asks for big, dark sunglasses with a unique frame.

If you have at least one of this accessories on at the moment, you are ready to face any fashion challenge in your way. So enjoy, and most importantly, always make you accessories work for you...

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