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Even Tone? Do it the Dettol way!

Even Tone? Do it the Dettol way!

Even tone skin is any girl's dream and to achieve it should not have to cost you an arm and a leg. I have discovered the most efficient and cost effective way of doing so.

Introducing Dettol Even tone Hygiene soap available at only R 12,99 from all major retailers...

I had a major problem with uneven skin tone on my arms and legs after being savagely attacked by mosquitoes last year. Like with any pimple I scratched and scratched until a  nasty blemish appeared that I battled with for months. I immediately set about ordering a bar or Dettol even tone after I saw the ad on beauty bulletin. From it took two days to reach me.

I was so excited I used the soap that very evening and could feel just how incredibly soft the micro particles worked and subbed my skin leaving a fresh cocoa butter scent. My skin also felt soft and moisturized the whole day. No need for body moisturizer.

Twice a day for two weeks, that is all you need. Check out my results below. Unfortunately , i had to get another bar because the first one did not last and now, at the end of week two, I am happy to report that this soap just works and works. My skin has never looked or felt better.

Twice a day for two weeks, that is all you need to achieve even tone skin. I took the Dettol challenge , how about you?

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