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Estee Lauder - Advanced Night Repair and Advanced Time Zone

Estee Lauder - Advanced Night Repair and Advanced Time Zone

​Hi Dolls ! 

I thought I would share with you something that I have been trying for the past 2 weeks now . This product was recommended to me by a family member who swears by it .

I bought the Estee lauder Advanced night repair along with the under eye cream ( advanced time zone ) as I believe its time for me to start working on protecting myself from wrinkles and crinkles ...

In saying that , I was told that high end is definitely the way to go if you want good results as protection now will ensure that in a few years time you wont look 60 when you actually 40.

I paid R960.00 for the serum along with a the eye cream and it came with a few small freebies .

Now on to the actual product itself the serum comes with  a syringe where you squirt just 3  drops on to your palm and apply all over your face at night . This needs to be applied before any other night cream.

Its a slight yellowish gel type formula that doesn't have much fragrance actually its an odd smell that I cant seem to describe! Not that it is a bad smell or anything , I am glad its not highly fragranced as I am not too fond off putting fragranced stuff on my face . its absorbs almost instantly and doesn't leave any trace of unwanted residue .

The product claims to assist in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and assist with skin looking younger . Its also meant to help with providing more hydration for your skin along with keeping it looking radiant and healthy 

I have fine lines so I also started using the advanced time zone eye cream it came with . I dont have sensitive eyes yet somehow my eyes really sting with this . Anyways I still gave it a chance , the stinging sensation is not there any more when I apply it at night. I think my skin is getting used to it.

The cream is white and a oily creamy texture it does make my under eye glisten with the product , its not an uncomfortable feeling at all .

The creams claims to reverse wrinkles and rewind the process of any existing wrinkles , it does not state if it is a day or night product . I use it at night  after applying the serum as it is too oily for day wear .

Since it has only been 2 weeks , i cant say I have seen much results although the serum definitely has made my skin smoother .The eye cream I have not noticed any changes , but I do know that this is not going to be an overnight thing so in about 3 months I will definitely give you darlings an update on any progress .

Thanks for taking the time to read and I look forward to sharing my progress 

xo Sam 

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