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Essence Paper Print

Essence Paper Print

Ladies... I've watched some tutorials online and have been trying all sorts of methods to get this right. I first saw the Paper Print on a blog I follow and went out to buy it. It was dirt cheap - like R29 or something like that. You also have to buy the alcohol solution that helps with the process. 

Start off by painting your nails a light shade - any colour you want and let it dry properly.

Instructions: cut out pieces big enough to cover your nails and paint some of the alcohol solution on the printed side.

Press it down on your nails for 15 seconds and then you're supposed to be able to simply peel it off and the print stays behind. BUT.... the only thing that happened.... was my nail polish came off.

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but the videos I've watched were also flops so... I worked out a trick... It's not pretty but it sort of works. I leave it on the nail until it's completely dry. Then I wet it under a running tap and slowly tear the paper off. Then apply 2 top coats and if you can - try the gel look alike. I don't like doing this... but hey... it sort of works!

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