‚ÄčHi Beauty Queens!

Welcome to my first blog post!

First, I'd like to introduce myself, I am MIcaela, I'm 16, I love make-up and fashion.

I will be talking about my favorite make up brand; Essence Cosmetics and I will also recommend the products to buy and to avoid. This brand was the first make-up brand that I used and I immediately fell in love with it. 

Essence is the best brand to get when starting your make-up collection as a teenager. As we are introduced to the make-up, we as teenage girls want to immediately start with the high end make-up, like NYX, Urban Decay, etc. (Nothing wrong with it. I was there once. Guilty)

Why I say Essence is the best brand to start with is, Essence is very affordable and can be found in a pharmacy near you.( Clicks or retail store, Foshini)

Essence has a "no testing animals" policy and try on the products themselves!

Essence has a market for girls and women ages 14-25

Here are my recommendations of the brand that have worked on me and use.

1. Stay All Day 16h Long Lasting make-up (link: https://www.essence.eu/za/products/face/make-up/e/product/stay-all-day-16h-long-lasting-make-up-50/ )

Pros: Full coverage foundation. Good when covering any redness. Leaves skin looking smooth. (Tip: put some of it on the back of your hand, to warm it up before applying. This can make it better to apply and look more smoother.) Long Lasting.

Cons: Some of the foundation can get left behind after washing if you have dry skin. (Tip: Use any make-up remover wipes to remove access and toner to finish. ) I do not recommend this if you have big pores or pimples, as this can make it more visible. It doesn't come in many skin tones.

2. Coverstick (link: https://www.essence.eu/za/products/face/cover/e/product/coverstick-10/ )

Pros: Covers dark rings under eyes and pimples amazingly. Easy to apply.

Cons:It doesn't come in many skin tones.

Note: It may look like a lipstick, but is a matt concealer.

3. Matt Touch Blush (link: https://www.essence.eu/za/products/face/blush/e/product/matt-touch-blush-30/ )

Pros: Highly pigmented. (Tip: Use a light hand when applying, as it can get intense colour.) Comes in 3 beautiful colours; Peach Me Up!, Berry Me Up! and Rose Me Up!

4.All About ... Eyeshadow Palettes. (link: https://www.essence.eu/za/products/eyes/eyeshadows/e/product/all-about-toffee-eyeshadow-06/ )

Pros: Comes in 4 different palettes with beautiful shades; Toffee, Nudes, Roses and Greys. Mixture of shimmery, matt or metal shades. Easy application. High in pigment.

5. All Eyes On Me Waterproof Multi-Effect Mascara (link: https://www.essence.eu/za/products/eyes/mascara/e/product/all-eyes-on-me-waterproof-multi-effect-mascara/ )

Pros: Beautiful effect. Waterproof. Long lasting.

6. Longlasting Lipstick (link: https://www.essence.eu/za/products/lips/lipstick/e/product/longlasting-lipstick-28/ )

Pros: Smooth and highly pigmented. Comes in 12 beautiful colours! Easy to apply.

7. Matt Matt Matt Lipstick. (link: https://www.essence.eu/za/products/lips/lipstick/e/product/matt-matt-matt-lipstick-08-1/ )

Pros: Comes in 7 beautiful colours! Creamy and smooth. Leaves a good matt finish.

8.Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss (link: https://www.essence.eu/za/products/lips/lipgloss/e/product/shine-shine-shine-lipgloss-01/ )

Pros:Creamy and smooth application. Wet-look finish. Comes in a range of 13 beautiful colours.

Bonus: Limited Lights of Orient Eyeshadow Palette (link: https://www.essence.eu/za/trend-editions/lights-of-orient/e/product/lights-of-orient-eyeshadow-palette-1/ )

Pros: 6 warm beautiful colours.(Nudes,Pinks and Browns) Comes with duo applicator and mirror.

Like most make-up brands there is the one product that isn't so great and in my opinion, that product is:

1. Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette (link: https://www.essence.eu/za/products/face/powder/e/product/light-up-your-face-luminizer-palette-10/ ) But if you feel you'd like to try it out for yourself, that is okay.

Cons: Slightly Pigmented barely shows any shimmer or any colour. Shows colour when using a heavy hand.

Thank you for reading! 

I hope you have a beautiful day!

xoxo - Micaela