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Enzyme Exfoliators: What, why, how and when?

By now we all know the importance of exfoliating our skin, so I am not going to get into that too much. My focus is going to be on enzyme exfoliators instead of the usual granular type. 


So, WHAT is an enzyme exfoliator? An enzyme exfoliator contains either fruit or chemical exfoliants which rids your skin of old skin cells for a brighter face without the granules. 


So, WHY would you use an enzyme exfoliator instead of a granular one? Granular exfoliators can be harsh on the skin, especially if you have active acne. Granular exfoliators can break the skin which could lead to scarring and infection.


So, HOW do you use it? You apply it to the skin, as you would a face cream, massaging it into the skin, and leave it on for the recommended time. I personally leave mine on overnight, and I wake up to noticeably fresher more radiant skin. As with all exfoliants, it is important to moisturise after using it, as it can be drying.


Lastly, WHEN should you use it? Enzyme exfoliators can be used anytime, there is no down time, and can be used as often as you would a granular exfoliator. I try to use it once a week, but it depends on your skin. Over exfoliating is not good for your skin either, as it strips your skin of natural oils and could even cause your skin to over produce oils which could lead to break outs. 


Full post, including products I use, and a DIY enzyme exfoliator recipe on my blog.


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