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My Scandalous Love Affair with John Frieda Part 3: The Conclusion

This is a relatively shorter entry than my previous 2, as it is merely an update...

After using this amazing trio for quite some time, I have totally fallen in love with it... My hair has gone from dull, lifeless and over abused hair to the beautiful tresses which I now possess.

After washing my hair last night, I had a brain wave... or more like I was too lazy to style my hair... I thought that seeing as how my hair has improved, how about I try and go back to my roots and go all natural...

And I was pleasantly surprised! I thought my hair could not curl anymore - But alas, It does, and I love it!!! John Frieda Full Repair has given me a new lease on my hair, I now feel more confident about the look, feel and over all condition of my hair.

Pls have a look at pix below of before and after - HUGE DIFFERENCE


Pic on left id before John Frieda, Pic on right is after John Frieda. My hair is more luminous, shiny, and full of life as compared to the dull, lifeless and limp hair in the pic on the left.

And now for my natural state of Hair


All in all, I have had an AMAZING experience with John Frieda Full Repair and it has totally transformed my hair and I could not be happier! I am a firm believer in their products and the proof is most definitely in the pics!

Thank you again To BB and John Frieda for this awesome opportunity!

Love Life and Happiness,



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