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I just love all things beauty!From looking after my skin to making sure that i look gorgeous. I am a big fan of make up and i cant stop myself from buying. Its fascinating how a change of haisrtyle,highlighter and eyebrow shaping can change a look altogether. I just love to look and feel beautiful!!

End of Week 3

End of Week 3

I was looking at my before picture and my picture now and i noticed that there is so much difference! From the beginning when i started taking up this 28 days challenge, i told myself that i want to take my photos outside of the house in the sunlight or natural light! I just wanted to see how i look like during the day after i have run around a bit and been in the sun a bit. In a nutshell, how i look in my normal day with my daily routine! Normally my Tzone would be shiny in summer and in winter my skin would be dry with patches!, so the reason for these photos is to reveal the true condition of my skin.

In my before photo, i had applied a very thick layer of moisturiser but it was gone by lunchtime and my skin was looking dehydrated! I sometimes had to apply a layer of moisturiser again because i hated the feeling of a dry skin. I rather have an oily skin than a dry skin because what would follow would be itchiness and flaking! Thats why i really appreciate the Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturising Serum Concerntrate because its deeply hydrating and just doesnt deal with the surface of the skin but goes deeper. It contains glycerin that attracts moisture into the skin and plumps it to restore it into a youthful appearance! My skin is no longer dehydrated!!

I have learned that there is a difference between a dry skin and a dehydrated skin! A dry skin is oil dry and a dehydrated skin is water lacking and needs the above serum with glycerine! A great serum like the Midnight Recovery Concerntrate is great for also when your skin is dry because it has pure essential oils and my face is glowing because of it. Compare my before and after picture and you can see that this serum really made my face to glow!! 

All these serums have been wonderful on my skin and the changes are visible! I dont need to go around wearing make up anymore because my face just looks beautiful! My face is glowing and im loving it!


Thank you for taking this journey with me!



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